Cloud-based billing solutions get customized invoicing for businesses

Seamlessly integrate with ERP & CRM software
Heptagon brings you the opportunity to own the comprehensive control of your billing and coding with its cloud-based billing solution. Our cloud-based billing services help you stay ahead of the competitors within your industry with billing and practice management software. We provide complete software training, and with the help of our professionals, you can stay focused on billing and coding with ease.

Our cloud-based billing realization services provide an extra level of comfort and security. We assist you in performing tasks using software and help you to make full use of its feature.
Our cloud billing solutions provide –
Using our Enterprises Cloud-Based Solution, those long hours of billing process will no longer stress you. Instead, you will have a system that ensures faster payments. At Heptagon, you can stay assured of:
Timely Delivery Of Usage-based Billing
With our cloud-based billing solution, you can save your business and workforce a lot of time and human errors that are associated with the manual audit of cloud vendor bills. You can also have automated reconciliation of spreadsheets from vendors or distributors.
With our experts, you can import details from vendors and distributors. By integrating with cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc., you can receive instant billing data, reporting, auditing, optimization, etc.
Build reliability with your long time customers
From eliminating the risk of downtime to reducing inaccuracy due to vendor price fluctuations, our cloud-based billing solutions provide a way to address the billing – one of the most important aspects of a business relationship. We provide a robust billing solution where accurate and timely invoices are our priority to build long-lasting trust.
Compare your costs with community
Cloud-based billing solutions can help you gain insights into what the community’s average billing scene looks like or the cost trends.
Key benefits of using our cloud-based billing –